Use Mobile Marketing to Build Your Business

Posted by on 16 Jun 2010 | Category: Hints & Tips, Industry Trends

mobile Here’s a really easy way to build your business and keep in touch with all of your clients.

Place point of sale signs at appropriate locations (check-out, table, counter or wall) and let the customer subscribe to your emailing list before they leave – just by using their cell phone!

  • Set up your own unique text keyword
  • Tell customers to text the keyword to a three digit number (easy)
  • add that they’ll go into a monthly prize draw!

It takes under a minute and over 90% of customers will use their phone without hesitation.

And once they’re on your email list, we have tools that can automatically gather up more details from them online into your customer database, like their names, delivery address, favourite wine, interests, birthdays etc.

Building a customer database has never been this easy!

  • Build up the customer database
  • keep in touch with them via text, email or direct mail
  • use offers to encourage visits to your physical or online store

This can boost monthly sales by 15-25%.

This is a great “print to mobile” loyalty marketing campaign.

CQ can help with all of the steps required to make this happen.

  • POS signage
  • TXT and email services
  • Direct and personalised mail.

Email zn.oc.qcnull@naed to find out more.

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