The Amazing Sales Power of Business Cards

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businesscardBusiness cards may be small, but their impact is huge. A business card plays an important part in making a lasting impression upon those you do business with. When choosing a business card, don’t be cheap. (If you’re on a limited budget,  try to save elsewhere.)

Experienced sales reps know how important it is to make a good first impression on their prospects. They buy nice clothes, drive nice cars, and wine and dine prospects and clients – only to give them a cheap business card? Why not consider a premium grade card on the best card stock that would really wow a customer and add to the overall good impression?

  1. Feature your company brand, website address and name prominently. For established companies, the logo is important too, because it will help people associate your name with the product or service you are selling. In some industries, a photo of yourself helps too.
  2. Don’t take up too much space listing all the ways you can be contacted. It’s best to list just your phone, website and email address. Personal cell phone numbers should be given to the client verbally, only when necessary and fax numbers are largely superfluous in our internet world.
  3. Full-colour printing with photos adds a dramatic impact to the look of your business card. Other classy touches like silk card stock and corner-cutting also allow you to really stand out from the crowd.
  4. Don’t overlook the backside of your card. It is a great place to add more sales and marketing information, a map and location, or photos of your products, mini calendar or area for ‘next appointment’ details.
  5. It’s worth the time! Business cards and other ‘pocketable’ items are one of the most important tools for growing business today. The time and effort you spend creating and printing excellent business cards will pay future dividends.
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