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Posted by on 07 Aug 2012 | Category: Latest News

This was posted on our facebook page last week, and we thought that our blog readers would like it too.

We "skinned" the door of the CQ lunch room with our new easy to install vinyl adhesive. Now the lunch room isn’t just the place to go to for a break- it’s also the place to go to if you need a lift!

Would you call this an a”door”nment? Winking smile

Click on the image to see a larger version.


359 Lincoln Rd

Posted by on 20 Jun 2010 | Category: Design, Latest News, Our People

If you hadn’t heard (where have you been?) CQ have moved to 359 Lincoln Rd because we keep on growing! We’d run out of room at our Manchester St office, and needed to move to larger premises.

Here are photos taken from the last four weeks showing the new offices taking shape. Hover over the photos for comments and click on them to enlarge.

Mid May:

The admin offices are looking good - okay, not quite ha ha! Look at all this space! Still a bit of work to do yet Everything is coming together

Early June:

Signage going up in the windows - If you look closely, Collette's not quite all there! The new reception area complete with magnetic scrabble wall and cube wall. The Foosball table! Production area

Making Print Fun:

Wall Decal - Out Shelf Ladies room wallpaper - printed onto pre-pasted wallpaper. Apply water and hang on the wall!  Josh applying the Wall Decal The decal fabric is printed on, cut to shape with scissors, and applied. It peels off without damaging paint, and can be stuck down again multiple times!                Wall Decal - Lunch Time? Wall Decal - Music

                                       Come and have your photo taken in front of the butterfly wings

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