Connecting print to new media (AKA introducing Augmented Reality)

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For a form of media that has been with us since the early origins of mankind, print is showing no signs of becoming out of fashion. In fact there are many  fascinating trends that highlight print’s capability to adapt to new media.

Digital print can connect to the world wide web with PURLS


Print can connect to mobile phones through TXT or SMS numbers and QR Codes

qrcode card


Now print can connect to your computer or mobile phone using a web or phone cam to create Augmented Reality

A “marker” on a printed page can be “read” by a webcam-enabled personal computer a bit like a barcode. A three-dimensional virtual object appears on the screen, suspended like a hologram over the image of the page.


Bring the square to life


1 If you have a computer with a webcam and Adobe Flash 9 or higher installed (and internet connection), click here. Your camera may work straight away. If so, skip to point 4.

2 Right-click (or Ctrl-click for Macs) on the large black square and select Settings.

3 Select the webcam tab and choose your camera from the list (if that does not work, try another from the list).

4 Show the camera the large black square in Friday’s Financial Times (or click here to print out the square). Adjust angle and distance until your screen displays a three-dimensional “augmented” image.


Car manufacturers such as BMW and Toyota have used the technique to show off their latest models. Paramount Pictures, the film distributor, used 3D graphics to publicise Transformers 2 and Star Trek.

On November 9th, Esquire Magazine is dedicating an entire issue to augmented reality

As an aside, not everyone is excited by Esquires decision, as stated by BoSacks at

Now Jonas Jager from Toxin has taken augmented reality from an oh-cute! status to holy-frack-that’s-cool position. His business card will make the owner appear like a 3D hologram, displaying Twitter information in real time, plus all kinds of cool stuff.

Note the QR Code on his business card alongside the AR Marker.

Click on the picture to view the video.

Augmented Business Card from jonas on Vimeo.

Use direct marketing to grow your business

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Broadcasting and search are great ways to market, but what about direct marketing? Is it really dead or, as some people describe it, "Advertisings Ugly Step Sister"?

Have a look at how marketing has dramatically changed over the last few years, and how a well planned direct marketing campaign can produce extremely good responses, profit and return on investment!

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