New Tool Drives Print Content To Online Social Media

Posted by on 19 Jan 2010 | Category: Industry Trends

Smub, Inc., a company specializing in developing tools to simplify the sharing of media — digital or print — with online social networks, has rolled out a new service called

Introduced in October at MPA’s Magazine Innovation Summit, was developed specifically to extend the reach of print publications and the life of their content by allowing readers to share links to the articles they read in print with their online social networks.  According to Smub, "With, every reader is a potential social media marketer for the publication. By providing readers the tools to push content instantly to their online social networks, drives traffic to the publisher’s website, increases brand awareness and lowers the cost of subscriber acquisition."

As reported by Folio Magazine, to use it publishers register with, then create custom URLs for select articles and print them in the physical edition of the magazine. When the reader wants to share the article, they can then enter the URL into a web browser, which offers the reader a "share and save" page from which they can e-mail a shortened link directly to their contacts, bookmark the link or share it among social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Digg. Folio cites as an example, the French magazine Polka which includes the URL which allows readers to then share pictures on social media sites.

According to Smub CEO Thierry Lamouline, "Our research shows that roughly 25% of all Tweets and Facebook status updates contain a link.  By empowering their readers to share content, publishers will create an audience of social media marketers who actively promote publishers brands, driving targeted traffic to publishers’ web sites, which in turn will dramatically lower the cost of a subscriber acquisition via the web."

Adding Mobile to your Next Brochure

Posted by on 11 Jun 2009 | Category: Latest News

Allowing customer feedback via mobile text messaging is the latest trend overseas, especially if your target market is in the 15-25 year olds. But now, it’s not just having people respond via an SMS code as we’ve seen in TV ads.

New Cool Print-to-Mobile Tools

Instead having people attempting to key in those long text messages or complex website addresses on their phone, we use the mobile phones’ built-in camera to do it all for them in seconds. i.e. The phone instantly captures specific instructions from a specially printed item. e.g.:

george-bush-business-card ralph-lauren-poster

Just snap a photo of the barcode which then:

  1. tells the Phone web browser to go directly to the product providers webpage for more information, even to buy the product or
  2. prepares the phone to email or forward a special message on, with a link back to the suppliers web page with a special offer or
  3. simply tells the phone to just save the details into it’s built-in address book or perhaps use the message as a discount voucher.

realty All this could be very handy if say you see a promotion on a magazine ad, website page, on a building, even street, realty or bus sign, and don’t have time to take down all the details. Now you’d just snap a photo of it and the special QR barcode (click photo left).

This provides the information for the phone to do its special ‘thing’, like sending you to the corresponding website on that product or property, or translating it into readable text. This will take off this year as people upgrade to 3G Phones.

nokia-phone vodafone_logo N.B. Many Vodafone users here with a good camera phone may already have this QR capability and don’t realise it. Simply TXT QR to 710 to find out. They will text back a link to download the correct QR Code reader, for free.  (Details click here)

As discovered overseas, QR Codes in printed signs, cards or flyers is a great way to connect with a youth market that’s notoriously difficult to reach – not just because it offers something new and different for them to interact with, but also because it generates a lot of street buzz.

Why Wait? Simply call us to discuss adding your personal QR code to your next brochure, poster or business card .

Looking for more neat QR code ideas? View the videos below:


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