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Each week Collette Quinn, who features on the side of CQ, always comments via her speech bubble about the goings on around her and in the local and national news.

This week she commented about More FM’s Simon Barnett’s constant attempts to get the news out on time each hour.

Collette - Si News

This was noticed by Stitch from the MORE FM Breakfast team (who took the photo above), which prompted him to ask Si if he’d made any New Year’s resolutions.

Have a listen to this, (and listen all the way through) :

Download this MP3 – (Right Click)

Si, we forgive you for calling us “Dirty dogs”! Winking smile

Social Media users and Direct Mail

Posted by on 08 Dec 2012 | Category: Hints & Tips, Industry Trends

Direct Mail is one of the most underrated marketing mediums available to us today. An effective, well-planned direct mail campaign has the power to drive sales, as well as supporting online marketing activities. This infographic from MarketReach looks at Social Media users and their relationship with Direct Mail.

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