QR Codes used to produce a virtual grocery store

Posted by on 02 Jul 2011 | Category: Industry Trends

This is the best use of QR Codes I’ve seen so far.

Koreans are the second most hardest working people in the world. For them going grocery shopping once a week is seen as a dreaded task.

Tesco (now known in South Korea as Home plus) decided to make shopping easier for Koreans by setting up virtual stores in locations such as subway stations walls using large printed backlit displays. People could then purchase items seen on the wall by scanning QR Codes with their mobile phones, adding each item to their shopping carts. Couriers would then deliver the goods to their homes.

Not only did Tesco investigate their market and provide a solution to a problem, they also increased their online sales by 130%.

Latex Printer & Wallpaper Printing

Posted by on 11 Mar 2010 | Category: Design, Industry Trends, Latest News

Our new Latex Printer is here!

So what is latex printing? …

  • a new large format digital print technology
  • designed to produce high quality permanent outdoor & indoor applications
  • using water-based latex inks with the environment in mind.

New applications for this printer include event banners, bus shelters, vehicle wraps, POS Posters, Exhibition Graphics, window graphics, lightboxes and Wallpaper!

Yes, you heard us… Wallpaper! 🙂

wallpaper rolls

So now you can decorate any room, office or foyer just the way you’d like to. It’s a great way to design kids’ rooms, the board room etc… and create the WOW factor in your entranceway.

Add your company’s logo in the design to promote your branding.


Here’s another idea – Garage Doors!

How do you like these garage door graphics?  We just need a crazy design and we can print these on our new latex printer so let your imagination go wild, get creative and can try something new.


These images are printed and attached to the outside of  garage doors so it looks as though the doors are open with something random inside.

Latex printing is also featured on the Green Poster page on our CQ Green website!

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