Two out of three Americans prefer print media

Posted by on 03 Nov 2009 | Category: Industry Trends

An article recently posted on WhatTheyThink had a lot of thought provoking comments on the use of paper, environmental issues and the costs of outsourcing print. Highlights include:

Use of Paper

  • According to new research, digital media is no substitute for traditional printed media.
  • Most adults reported that they feel more comfortable when they have something on paper than when it’s on screen, suggesting that we make an instinctive association between things we can touch and feel and things that are ‘real’.
  • Nearly two out of three (64 percent) workers prefer ink on paper to a computer screen when it comes to reading.
  • You can exchange a dozen emails in the time it takes to find a stamp for your snail mail, but a handwritten birthday card in your mailbox somehow means more than an identically worded email in your inbox.


  • Two in three U.S. adults (67 percent) agree that they care more about saving money than "being green".
  • BUT only 11 percent of employed adults report that their company is less likely to choose "green" products if it means spending more money.
  • For many small businesses, outsourced printing is a cost-efficient way to be green.

Outsourcing Print

  • In addition to investing in print hardware that rarely operates at capacity, otherwise cost-conscious businesses regularly find themselves paying more than they have to for ink, paper, and other consumables
  • The cost of maintaining extensive in-house print capacity is compounded by gratuitous usage.
  • Because printing out-of-house bears a more obvious – albeit lower – cost, it is rare to find people using a print shop unnecessarily.

The full article can be read here

Use direct marketing to grow your business

Posted by on 21 Oct 2009 | Category: Industry Trends

Broadcasting and search are great ways to market, but what about direct marketing? Is it really dead or, as some people describe it, "Advertisings Ugly Step Sister"?

Have a look at how marketing has dramatically changed over the last few years, and how a well planned direct marketing campaign can produce extremely good responses, profit and return on investment!

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