50 Extremely Creative & Original Business Cards & Tutorials

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In most areas of business, and particularly in the field of design, a well designed business card can be as important as your online identity.  There is no question that a business card will very often create a bond between you and your customers that is long lasting.  Leaving behind just the right card will keep you on their radar and get the attention of your target.

Until recently most people did not look at business cards as interactive elements that can be made of different materials, textures and shapes, going far beyond what most people consider as standard practice.  Lets take a look at 50 extremely creative and original business cards and design tutorials that really help push the boundaries and show the extent some people go to set themselves apart in this competitive marketplace.

Chef Burger

Creative Business Cards -- Chef Burger

Creative Business Cards — Chef Burger

Plastic Business Cards – Lined Paper

Plastic Business Cards Lined Paper

Creative Business Cards – Plastic Business Cards – Lined Paper

Interrobang Design

Interrobang Design

Interrobang Design

NetPlus ID

NetPlus ID

Creative Business Cards – NetPlus ID



Creative Business Cards – Rumble

Couples Therapist Card


Creative Business Cards – Couples Therapist



Creative Business Cards – Orderin.Ca



Creative Business Cards – Accentuate

The Photography of Nathan Jones

The Photography of Nathan Jones

Creative Business Cards – The Photography of Nathan Jones

Reflections Dental Care

Reflections Dental Care

Creative Business Cards – Reflections Dental Care

Joanne Foltran


Creative Business Cards – Joanne Foltran

Blue Bird Design

Blue Bird

Creative Business Cards – Blue Bird Design

Nation Builder Pop Up

Builder Pop Up

Creative Business Cards – Nation Builder Pop Up

Edible Business Card – Head Hunter

Edible Card - Headhunter

Creative Business Cards – Edible Card – Headhunter

Chris Colhoun

Chris Colhoun

Creative Business Cards – Chris Colhoun

Sandrine Abraham – Du Bout Des Yeux

Sandrine Abraham - Du Bout Des Yeux

Creative Business Cards – Sandrine Abraham – Du Bout Des Yeux

Corvus Design Studio

Corvus Design Studio

Creative Business Cards – Corvus Design Studio

Stretchable Personal Trainer Card

Stretchable Personal Trainer Card

Creative Business Cards – Stretchable Personal Trainer Card

Impact Ideas

Impact Ideas

Creative Business Cards – Impact Ideas



Creative Business Cards – DreamTen

Chuck Tingley


Creative Business Cards – Chuck Tingley

Richard E. Smith Circles

E. Smith Circles

Creative Business Cards – Richard E. Smith Circles



Creative Business Cards – Artams

Taste Chocolate


Creative Business Cards – Taste Chocolate

Retro Sports Inspired Business Cards

Retro Sports Inspired Business Card

Creative Business Cards – Retro Sports Inspired Business Card

Blooming Designer

Blooming Designer

Creative Business Cards – Blooming Designer

Egil Paulson Easel Card


Creative Business Cards – Egil Paulson Easel Card

X3 Studios


Creative Business Cards – X3 Studios

Mineral Spring Water

Spring Water

Creative Business Cards – Mineral Spring Water

Dallas Laser Printing

Laser Printing

Creative Business Cards – Dallas Laser Printing

Matilda Jane


Creative Business Cards – Matilda Jane

Becka Viau


Creative Business Cards – Becka Viau



Creative Business Cards – Digitopolis

Mattson Creative


Creative Business Cards – Mattson Creative

Jared Andrew Schorr

Andrew Schorr

Creative Business Cards – Jared Andrew Schorr

Emerson Taymor Pop Up


Creative Business Cards – Emerson Taymor Pop Up

Mark Ramadan


Creative Business Cards – Mark Ramadan

Genie Alisa


Creative Business Cards – Genie Alisa

Mix Tape Generation

Mix Tape 

Creative Business Cards – Mix Tape Generation

e Aqua

e Aqua

Creative Business Cards – e Aqua

Wedding Television


Creative Business Cards – Wedding Television



Creative Business Cards – Colorburned

Ben Webster


Creative Business Cards – Ben Webster

Max Steiner – Everyday Hero

Steiner - Everyday Hero

Creative Business Cards – Max Steiner – Everyday Hero

The Alembic


Creative Business Cards – The Alembic


Making a Print-Ready Business Card Using Only Photoshop

Business Card Tutorial

Business Card Tutorial

Design a Print Ready Business Card for Designers

Business Card Tutorial

Business Card Tutorial

Making a grungy business card

Making a Grungy Business Card

Making a Grungy Business Card

Design an Abstract Business Card

Business Card Tutorial

Business Card Tutorial

Creating a new Web 2.0 Business Card

Creating a new Web 2.0 Business Card

Creating a new Web 2.0 Business Card

How to Create OCR Scannable Business Cards

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More and more business people are looking to import business card information into their databases. So until bar-coding like QR Codes and Microsoft Tags become a standard feature on business cards, people are using some form of business card scanner with OCR technology.

Whether with an OCR mobile app (see below) or a flatbed scanner, OCR can drastically simplify the process of transferring contacts from paper to your contact management database.


But even the best OCR business card reader technology has limitations.

Cards with certain design features simply don’t scan well. And as scanning becomes more common, this is something that business card designers should keep in mind if they don’t want to use bar-coding. That contact was important enough for you to give your business card to; you need to make sure you make it easy for them to accurately add you to their contacts list.

So here are some helpful hints for creating a scannable business card.


  • Use fancy fonts. These easily confuse OCR software, especially on letters like “c” and “e”. A clean font like Helvetica may seem boring, but it is easy for OCR to translate.
  • Combine your name and title. Names and titles separated by a comma on a single line (such as “Nancy Nally, Editor”) don’t translate correctly in OCR.
  • Overlay text on a pattern. This is too confusing for OCR.
  • Angle text. Currently OCR scanning doesn’t translate text that isn’t parallel to the edges of the card.
  • Mix orientations. Keep all the text oriented in the same direction.


  • Keep it big. If you get squinty looking at your card, so will OCR software.
  • Give text breathing room. Keep letters nicely spaced so that the OCR can distinguish them easily from each other.
  • Keep it light. Cards with dark backgrounds seem impossible to scan (even those with high-contrast white text).
  • Put your company name somewhere in text. OCR can’t translate stylised logos, so make sure the company’s name is in text somewhere too.
  • Keep it on one side. Scanners only read one side of a card, so keep all the critical contact information on one side.

This last issue is a very common problem with many cards. Double-sided printing is becoming very “trendy” which creates the temptation to spread the critical contact information on both sides of the card, making it inaccessible to card reading technology.

Ideally, you should have contact information on only one side of the card, and then use the other side for a logo or mini sales brochure. Here at CQ we have the ability to print a different back on each card in a set, offering the ability to get very creative with a card back’s promotional uses. Meanwhile, the front of the card can hold all of the traditional contact information in a clean and simple (scannable) format.

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