To celebrate St Patrick’s Day, we took CQ Green to a whole new level.        Irish Clover

St Patricks Day 002c St Patricks Day 006c St Patricks Day 009c

From left to right: Ruth, Maree and Viviana in the accounts office.

Chelsea scanning in our data division.

Irish Clover      Ellise, Josh, Karyn and Julie in production.

St Patricks Day 012c St Patricks Day 014c St Patricks Day 016c

From left to right: Karyn and Julie in production.

Janet in production.    Irish Clover

Dean trying to look like he’s working!

St Patricks Day 024c

We’re so hot Green right now!

From left to right: Julie, Josh, Ellise, Karyn, Dean, Viviana, Ernesto, Ruth, Maree, Janet and Chelsea.

Irish Clover

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