Share and Track the Story of Any Object with Printable QR Codes

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Name: Tales of Things

Quick Pitch: Adding memories and stories to objects and places via the Internet of Things and read/write QR codes.

Genius Idea: The Internet of Things is a growing trend; the term defines the idea of objects that are tagged, web-connected and endowed with the ability to relay data. This startup is all about the Internet of Things; in fact, it helps ordinary people add objects to the Internet of Things with just a few simple tools, such as a smartphone and a printer.

Tales of Things has developed read/write QR codes that helps preserve memories that people have attached to objects or places. Once an object is labeled with a scannable QR code, its movements can be tracked, as well as any subsequent stories. Each object has the ability to tweet when its memories are scanned, as well.

All the user has to do is photograph the object or place to be tagged, write a few words or upload a video about it, print out a site-generated QR code and affix the code to the item or at the place. From that point forward, the place or thing can be tracked through

The site’s creators call it the “antique roadshow of the future.”


Note the use of QR Codes at 2:05.

Tales of Things is funded through a £1.39 million research grant from the Digital Economy Research Councils UK. The project is a collaboration between Brunel University, Edinburgh College of Art, University College London, University of Dundee and the University of Salford.

The site went live in April and isn’t really intended as a money-making enterprise; rather, it’s a novel way to explore and interact with the things and places around us.

Have you tried Tales of Things or any other tagging-and-tracking sites related to the Internet of Things? What’s your take on this trend?

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