Sainsbury’s Launches Interactive AR Mag

Posted by on 14 Sep 2012 | Category: Industry Trends

Sainsbury’s has launched its first interactive store magazine by introducing augmented reality (AR) into its advertising and editorial. The magazine features interactive print ad campaigns from brands such as John West and will have editorial content including exclusive how-to-videos from leading chefs.

The magazine is produced by content agency Seven but it has brought in Aurasma to provide the AR content, which will also include a special message from editor Helen Lang and interactive competitions. The supermarket is hoping the ability to enhance print campaigns with features including ‘tap to buy’ buttons will be an attractive proposition to potential advertisers as it seeks to develop the magazine, which it claims is the most widely read monthly paid-for-title.

By downloading the free Aurasma Lite app onto their smartphone or tablet and hovering their device above the page, shoppers will be able to engage with the interactive features, allowing brands to gauge reaction to the magazine’s new adverts by measuring how many customers tap to buy products direct from the Sainsbury’s online retail page or access related weblinks such as Facebook (video below).

Rowan Manning, group commercial director at Seven said: “Augmented reality has huge potential for brands who want to engage with consumers at a deeper level, and really benefit from this unique opportunity to combine the power of the engagement of print with the immediacy of digital. Brands can drive consumers directly from their display or advertorial page to point of purchase or to branded sites to ensure consumers have a truly immersive experience with their products. And our ability to use existing promotional collateral such as video, and audio, gives us creative flexibility without incurring further costs, making assets work harder.”


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