OCR (optical character recognition) scanning and searchable PDF’s may not sound very exciting, but it’s actually a big deal when it comes to gaining control of your archived documents.

Accessing these old documents manually could be costing your business more time and money than you realise, due to the inefficiencies of this method.

filingcabinetonbackFortunately transferring that information to a searchable digital format has got a lot easier.

CQ’s new Canon ImagePress 1135 (an amazing high speed black and white production press with photo-quality grayscales) has a built in full colour OCR scanner with a high-volume batch document scanning solution called “imageWARE Scan Manager”.

This solution offers robust high-speed OCR document scanning at an affordable price. Features include full colour file compression, bar code and forms recognition and automatic indexing.

Once scanned the fully indexed and searchable documents can be emailed directly from the ImagePress, or uploaded onto FTP servers, removable hard drives or CD’s/DVD’s.

For a demonstration and free trial contact Dean at zn.oc.qcnull@naed

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