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Posted by on 19 Jul 2008 | Category: Hints & Tips, Industry Trends

Most small businesses are disappointed by the results of their website investments. Often pretty, but low performers in terms of traffic and sales results.

piechart The fact is, Googles contribution to traffic and sales leads for the majority of websites is seldom over 35%. In one study, (right) it was a measly 8.3%!

Even in our internet age, the majority of people will still find out about your business website via ‘old fashioned’ business cards, brochures, signs, magazines, referrals, emails, networking.

flockingLet Print Make New Media Better – So, if you think you’re spending too much time and money on website SEO development for little return, talk to us about a print strategy that will get you noticed on the net.

For more information phone us on 03 963 8899 or email zn.oc.qcnull@ofni

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