A simple and easy way to link your printing to the internet and unlimited information which you can change as you want.

2D bar codes link your world to the digital world. They link people to information or entertainment without having to type a URL or any code. QR (Quick Response) bar codes have been around for awhile. They’re good, but limited.

CQ contact details

Microsoft has developed their own bar code. It’s an HCCP (High Capacity Colour Barcode) that you can print on anything and when scanned with a smart phone will take you to a v-card, website, mobile website (better), presentation, menu, a secret code, information about a real estate listing, or will dial your phone for you.

Print it on the back of your business card to make it easy to contact you. Print it on posters, billboards, T-shirts, museum exhibits and whatever you can think of to engage your audience in real time. You can even see how many people actually use it.

The main difference between the Microsoft tag and a QR Code, is that you can change what the tag links to anytime you want. So with this simple little code, you can relay information that used to take a printed insert, with a small and attractive “onsert”.

The tag can also be rendered in colour or black and white (depending on what you’re printing), and can be graphically customised.

There are two types of Tag customisation:

  • Replace the background image only (”Quick and Easy Approach”) 0005-als_vcard2_custom
  • Integrate the symbols into the design ("Advanced Design")


So the tags can be customised to have your branding and design incorporated directly into the barcode. You no longer have to use the industrial look of the QR code (see pics below).


Watch this video to get an idea of what you can do, and learn how to create custom Microsoft Tags by following these steps and guidelines.

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