Merry Christmas from CQ

Posted by on 23 Dec 2011 | Category: Our People

Well it’s “Christmas Eve Eve” (as some would call it) and we’re all still busy finishing up for the week.

2011 has been a year unlike any other for Christchurch. For those readers of this blog who are overseas, our City has faced many large earthquakes this year (as well as two heavy dumps of snow). We are now a city without a central business district, and Cantabrian’s have had to adapt extremely quickly to the rapid changes that occurred.

Fortunately for CQ, our building was relatively unharmed. Once we pushed the digital presses back into place and had the building inspected, we were back up and running a day or two later.

Our mission statement is “We love helping” and it was a privilege to be able to open our doors to five other business who needed temporary premises after the 22nd of February. We also found that old rules of business engagement were re-written, as we were also able to help companies that we would normally have been in competition with. This camaraderie was witnessed in business circles all over Christchurch and was wonderful to see on a city-wide basis.

It’s definitely a year that we won’t forget and will always look back on for many years to come.

It’s because of this that we would like to give a very special and heartfelt THANK YOU to our customers for your continued business this year. We hope that amongst all these changes, we managed to remain a constant and reliable supplier, who helped in giving you some peace of mind throughout the year.

And as I’m writing this we have just had another large aftershock. The first for a very long time. Staff are now ringing family to check on loved ones.

Let’s pray that 2012 is a lot better for Christchurch!

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