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Studies indicate that only 58 % of direct marketing operations are deemed effective. That means that in four cases out of ten, the operation or campaign has no significant effect on the brand’s market share or sales.

Considering that many of these campaigns are extremely costly, should we tolerate such blatant wastefulness in these tough times?

What to do?

For some background, below we’ve an excerpt from an insightful article by expert media consultant Harvey Hirsch reminding us on how we market today, what’s going horribly wrong and ideas on how to fix it.

“… This ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to marketing is so antiquated, so primitive, and generally so ineffective that when you add it up, it costs every company that employs it between $600 and $1,500 to generate a sales lead…

Americans [and NZer’s] are assaulted over 4,000 times a day by media messages (that figure varies upward depending on who I consult with), and cutting through that clutter is all I am hired to do. And my first choice is always a 3-Dimensional, personalized and printed, full-color, emotionally charged, hand-assembled mailer, followed by a well-trained telemarketing person who sets up a live person-to-person 1:1 meeting. This is true multi-channel marketing…

Following these guidelines has allowed my clients to generate sales appointments for under $200 a piece. Not only have some of these programs generated over 50% response rates (we actually hit the 90% response rate recently), they have allowed our clients to trim non-productive marketing programs out of their budgets and actually plan for controlled growth, even in these economically uncertain times.

And here’s what I’ve learned.

The future of marketing is evolving into short run, personalized, well-targeted, “Coney Island” enhanced, B2B direct mail, versioned to go 3-deep into a prospective company with Information on Demand as an on-line back-up, handed off to a skilled telemarketing support team who’s only mission is to generate a face-to-face with a well-trained sales person. Using this system, not only can you baseline efficacy, you can actually predict expansion and growth.”

Thank you Harvey.  (View Harvey’s video library where he shows off his amazing mailers)

So, where to from here? A realisation that something has to change. Company owners and marketers need to investigate far better methodologies and strategies that make our messages more personalized and relevant to the recipient. To start demanding response rates that give a real return on investment, not just marketing for pure ‘branding’.

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