Lexus brings magazine ad to life via an iPad

Posted by on 20 Feb 2013 | Category: Industry Trends

Toyota Corp.’s Lexus engaged Sports Illustrated readers by letting them interact with an ES advertisement with their iPad to add movement to the static page.

The automaker is using CinePrint technology in this effort so that when users put the Lexus ES print ad over their iPad while playing a video found on the tablet version of the magazine, there are light and sound effects on the print ad.

“To build upon our entirely new ES campaign, we created an ad that would generate even more excitement among our younger, more progressive ES target,” said Nancy Hubbell, prestige communications manager for Lexus, Torrance, CA. “We wanted to replicate our entirely new ES by fusing design and technology.

“Our ES target audience is constantly looking to experience new, creative ideas and innovations,” she said. “Our ES print ad brings an interactive layer to a traditionally static medium and is the perfect example of how Lexus brings innovation, not only in its vehicle designs, but to its marketing campaigns as well.

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