Driving traffic online using direct mail marketing

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There are an overwhelming number of consumers who actively search the web to learn about new products and services, which has led many small business owners to create websites that either educate consumers on their offerings or allow them to buy directly. However, driving traffic to web pages can often be difficult, with many entrepreneurs spending heavily on paid search campaigns. Direct mail can encourage web traffic.

Speaking to MarketingProfs, Dean Rieck recently asserted that direct mail can be used to help support web-based marketing efforts.

Citing a study from ExactTarget, he claims that 76 percent of internet shoppers who made online purchases are influenced by direct mail.

Successful integration of the two platforms is key, so Rieck offered small business owners several tips for merging their on and offline campaigns. "Old and new media aren’t necessarily oil and water – when blended properly, they can pack a potent punch," notes MarketingProfs.

First, consumers need a good reason to take the extra effort to visit a company’s website. Rieck suggests business owners "tempt" shoppers with compelling incentives, which could range from whitepapers to coupons. "It must be something they want, not just something you want them to see," Rieck told the source

Entrepreneurs should also remember that consumers receiving direct mail have to manually type in web addresses to visit their sites. With this in mind, small business owners should make their web addresses as simple as possible, and possibly even use link shortening services, such as Bit.ly, if their URLs are too complex.

As always, calls to action should be clear and direct mail recipients to business websites. For example, if companies are offering consumers a discount for taking a survey, they should be sure to specifically list the survey’s URL. "People are more likely to respond when you specifically tell them what to do," Rieck said.

If small business owners are using direct mail to promote specific campaigns, they may also want to consider launching a unique landing page for recipients. This allows them to better track how much traffic their campaigns are driving and create tailored experiences for consumers.

While direct mail can be used to boost web traffic, this strategy will only work if messages are delivered to the right consumers. Marketing Lists Direct recently advised small business owners to consult third-party mailing list vendors so they can more effectively reach their target audience

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