New types of printable disks have become available over the last 12 months, so as well as the regular matt print, high quality gloss and metallic silver print can be done as well.

Printable Media

The top disk is a regular matt disc. The lower left is a high quality gloss watershield CD, followed by the new silver printable CD.

The photo doesn’t accurately show the difference between them so I recommend viewing them before printing.

We also have a new precut CD case stock available.

cd cover

Double sided full colour CD cases production is now available on pre-perforated and creased stock. We print them for you, punch them out and assemble them. It’s as easy as that.

This is an excellent way to create high quality CD’s and DVD’s in a very short space of time, for runs of any size (even 1 if you need it).

So think about this the next time you’re sending data, audio or video out. Do you want to personalise the case so that it’s targeted directly to your market? Do you want to create a gift for friends and family? 🙂

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