Direct Marketing Has The Greatest Impact

Posted by on 15 Apr 2010 | Category: Industry Trends

Execs Say Direct Marketing Has Greatest Impact On Company and Brand Success

One of the findings of a recent (June 2009) social media survey of U.S. marketing executives is that direct marketing is expected by far to have the greatest impact on the success of companies and brands in the new year.

When marketers were asked, “Which of the following will have the most impact on the success of your company or brand over the next years?” nearly half gave the nod to direct marketing.


Despite the firm belief in direct marketing’s on company and brand success, the survey finds that in companies where funds are being shifted for expansion of social media, 40% is coming from direct marketing, 48% from advertising, 29% from media planning and buying, and 18% from public relations.

About: The 2009 PRWeek/MS&L Social Media survey was conducted by PRWeek and CA Walker.

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