Ideas for creating your own personalised walls

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Options for creating your own wall designs are constantly increasing with more digital print options coming out all of the time. Here are some options and tips to choose from.


Fully personalised, digitally printed wallpaper is fast becoming a huge interior design trend. Customers now have a tremendous choice of colour, patterns and imagery to choose from, and can create walls that are true expressions of themselves.



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When we talk about this concept with people, the first reaction is always one of excitement as they imagine what they can do to their own residential or work environments. But then the question is always asked, how? How do we create our design? How do we then translate that design to rolls of wallpaper that’s easy to install?

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Fortunately this is VERY easy! Of course, you will first have to measure the wall space that you want to paper, and then choose colours and/or an image concept that suits your environment.

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Once these initial concepts are chosen you can

  • USE YOUR OWN PHOTO – Bring a photo or negative to CQ to get it scanned at high resolution to create a large high quality image to print from
  • CREATE A BACKGROUND PATTERN – meet with one of our a designers to create a back drop or pattern
  • SOURCE GOOD PHOTOGRAPHY – from iStock, Shutterstock, getty images, big stock, or Stock.XCHNG. For a New Zealand flavour try photo new zealand, or my chilly bin.

CQ has the software to then translate these images into rolls of wallpaper with a full set of hanging instructions for easy installation.

Still want to personalise your walls but without using wallpaper? Then we also recommend either creating a photo wall, using wall decals or printing your own mounted canvas prints.

Photo Walls

If you have a plain wall that needs some dressing up, a photo wall is an attractive and affordable way to transform a bland space in to a feature.

Marcus at Williams & co. Homes wrote about this earlier this year with some very helpful tips.

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Wall Decals

Personalised wall decals are a great way dress up a wall without having to commit to a permanent installation. The wall decals themselves are self adhesive and can be cut to any shape and size you want. The beauty of them is that they’re repositionable. This means that they are super-easy to apply, and can be removed or moved around if you should change your mind.

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Of course this is PERFECT for kids rooms, but can also be used in any room of the house, or even offices and showrooms to brighten the environment.

Canvas Prints

Not only are they great for you own wall, but they can also be given as gifts!

Canvas Printing Front Canvas Printing Back


And just like the wallpapers above, they can be created from your own photo’s or from stock photography.

If any of these ideas pique your curiosity then feel free to contact us at zn.oc.qcnull@ofni or on 03 963 8899. We’re more than happy to discuss ideas with you and show you samples of work in our display area at 359 Lincoln Road, Addington, Christchurch, New Zealand.

Augmented Reality update July 2013

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While we’re only just halfway through the year, a number of very interesting augmented reality mobile apps have already arrived in 2013. This technology is getting better all of the time as companies discover new ways to bridge the gap between the physical and virtual.

Here are three of them that have stood out this year. Each is listed in the order that they were released, and as you’ll see, each one is better than the one before, due to the levels of interaction that each one allows.



The 2013 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records comes with an Augmented Reality feature for pages that display the ‘See It 3D’ tag.

The instructions, the download link for the app (available on both iOS and Android) plus a demonstration video are available here.

While its a great app for kids, its a more basic version of AR that we have witnessed so far, with some pages containing limited interaction. Tapping on the screen in some examples makes the animation move and make a sound.


Anatomy 4D puts every detail of complex human bodily systems into a free app that is very easy to use. Available for iOS or Android, Anatomy 4D lets you see a detailed 4D model of the human body, with the ability to view various biological systems, and turn them “on” and “off” with the touch of a button.


There is a lot more to see and do with this app and is a very good way to explain and demonstrate various bodily systems to students. Due to its content though, this app is not rated for minors.



colAR, created by HITlab NZ, at the University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand is an app that brings colouring book pages to life. You can colour in the book pages and see them pop out as three dimensional models on your screen.


The interaction here is of course outstanding, and while the app is free (only available on iOS), there are in-app purchases to unlock further content.

The future of augmented reality is bright, and the level of interaction that will be coming out in the next few years is sure to be even more amazing.

What we especially like about this technology is that it’s a great add-on to print, and is applicable to people of all ages (not just kids)!

If you have seen other great examples of augmented reality please let us know, we’d love to hear about them!

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