15 Items All Geeks Must Have!

Here are 14 ‘geeky’ items which we’re sure you will all appreciate:

1. MACware Clothing Accessories

Clothing accessories for geeks

2. Soduku Toilet Paper

Soduku Toilet Paper

3. Graph Paper Napkins

Graph Paper Napkin
Graph Paper Napkin

4. Status Update Calander

Status Update Calendar
Status Update Calendar

5. ‘CMYK is for Printers’ Badges

CMYK is for Printer Badges

6. Note Paper Coaster

Note Paper Coaster

7. App Pillows

Graphic Design App pillows

8. Pantone Mugs and Cups

Pantone Expresso Cups

Pantone Tea Mugs

9. Type Trumps

Type Trumps

10. Keyboard Calculator

Keyboard calculator

11. Commands Prints

Design Geek Command Poster

12. Disk Coasters

Design geek disk coasters

13. Polaroid Mirror

Design geek polaroid mirror

14. Ctrl Alt Del Pillows

Design geek Ctrl Alt Del pillows

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